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Salmon with Yuzu & Mikan sauce 

Bring a burst of summer flavours to the table with our citrus infused salmon.

Method (serves 2)

• Season the salmon fillets with salt. Leave for 5-10 minutes.
• Peel the ginger and grate. Set the ginger peels to one side.
• To make the sauce, squeeze the juice of a satsuma into a bowl. Add the yuzu juice, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and grated ginger. Mix well.
• Leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid into a bowl and set this sauce to one side. 
• To poach the salmon, bring water to the boil together with the ginger peels. Cook for 5 minutes.
• Add the fillets and simmer for 8-9 minutes.
• Take the fillets of from the pot and place on the plate. Pour the sauce over and serve with any steamed green vegetables, rice potatoes or salad. 


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  • 2 Salmon fillet (150g-200g)
  • 1 Satsuma
  • 2tbsp Yuzu juice 
  • 1tbsp Light soy sauce
  • 1tbsp Sweet chilli sauce
  • 2cm Piece of ginger

For cooking

  • 1litre Water


  • Chopped chives
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Olive oil

Serve with

  • Pak choi
  • Or any seasonal green vegetables

Yuki's Tip 

  • For the salmon fillet, you can choose to leave the skin on or off. 
  • You can poach the salmon in vegetable or chicken stock with lemon or parsley and bay leaves.
  • Try the recipe with other types of seasonal fish like sea bream, seabass or even scallops. Chicken also works well with this citrus sauce. 

Recipes created by Yuki Gomi in conjuction with Yakult 

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