Gut Health

At Yakult, we believe that the gut is key to overall health and wellbeing. Its role extends waaay beyond digestion. Find out how your daily habits can have an impact on your gut and how even the smallest changes can make a powerful difference to your wellbeing. It's some pretty interesting stuff, if we do say so ourselves!

Have A Gut Friendly Summer

Summer is finally here! Whether you're firing up the grill, gearing up for a summer music festival, or getting excited for the summer holidays, maintaining gut-friendly habits ensures you feel your best all season long. Check out our Summer Gut Tips!

Healthy Diet Healthy Gut

Good food not only keeps you fuelled – but is also essential for keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Just a few simple wins with what you eat can boost the health of your mind, body and, of course, gut.

Daily Habits & Routine

Our bodies love routine, and our gut is no exception. The bacteria in our gut have their very own circadian rhythm, kind of like its own “gut clock” which helps to regulate functions and processes in the gut. So, here’s some healthy lifestyle tips for your daily routine to keep the good vibes flowing.

Keep Up A Good Mood

Did you know that low mood can actually affect how well your gut works. So, healthy habits and an active lifestyle can help to keep spirits up and support the smooth functioning of your gut. Go ahead and do something that makes you happy today!

Stay Active & Exercise

Regular exercise is not only a good habit for a healthy lifestyle, it’s also great for physical health and can boost gut health and mood. For some, gentle exercise like yoga can also help to create a calm headspace which supports good communication between the gut and the brain.

Better Sleep Better You

Not only can a broken night’s sleep leave us feeling tired and irritable, it can also affect gut function. Disruption to sleep and our circadian rhythm can impact the balance of the bacteria in the gut. So, it’s super important to take good care of our gut if we want quality Zzzz!

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The power of small

Our gut impacts our immune function, mood and physical wellbeing and vice versa. This is because the gut is home to our gut microbiota – a unique community of over 100 trillion bacteria! These powerful little guys play a vital role in a range of functions that impact our health, so it’s important to keep them happy!