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Gut and Routine

Why is routine important for gut health?

Gut bacteria have their own circadian rhythm which is thought to be linked to our body’s sleep-wake cycle. Our bodies and our gut microbiome love consistency, sounds boring, but sticking to a routine and a healthy lifestyle can help support our natural circadian rhythm .

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Our bodies love routine

Our bodies love routine, and our gut is no exception. The bacteria in our gut have their very own circadian rhythm. kind of like its own “gut clock” which helps to regulate functions and processes in the gut. So, embrace the magic of routine, honour our gut’s rhythm and keep the good vibes flowing.

Healthy lifestyle tips for your daily routine


Going away this winter?

Embrace winter's charm but remember to look after your gut health all year round! Here's the lowdown...

Get into your winter routine

Keeping to routine is not only important when it comes to eating on holiday, but our general wellness habits too. Finding a routine and balance while away can make it easier to continue your routines when back home. Make time for your daily walk or take ten minutes to relax and appreciate your surroundings.

Enjoy gut health foods

Eating a varied diet rich in fruits, veggies and fibre can help support a diverse gut microbiome. While abroad on holiday, make the most of the local cuisine. Why not pop to a local market for snacks like mixed nuts and seeds, a variety fresh or dried fruit to enjoy throughout the day?

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Catch the zzz’s

Sleep is important for good gut health. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to turn your alarm off, take it easy and catch up on your sleep.

Get out and about

Exercise is great for gut health and helps to increase microbial diversity. Try to stay active on holiday by going on a scenic walk, taking a dip in the pool or heading out to explore the local area by bike.

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Staying stress-free and relaxed can benefit both your mind and gut. While on vacay, set aside time daily to do something that helps you unwind

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