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How does drinking Yakult increase bacteria in the gut?

Drinking Yakult doesn’t just add billions of these unique L. casei Shirota bacteria to the gut; it boosts the growth of other bacteria too!* Get sipping and let the gut party begin!

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What is L. casei Shirota bacteria?

The bacteria in our little bottles is named after our founder, the Japanese scientist, Dr Shirota. Dr Shirota spent years researching intestinal bacteria, learning all about what makes them so great. In 1930, he successfully isolated and cultivated a unique strain of lactic acid bacteria that was robust enough to reach our gut alive. In honour of his achievements, the bacteria strain was named after him – thank you Dr Shirota!

Find out how Yakult is made

Our mission is to help create a happier world through bacteria – one little bottle at a time. Since the first little bottle was made, our process has changed somewhat but our purpose has remained the same.