Our Story

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy happiness and wellbeing. And after 85 years, we’ve learnt that a little bit of knowledge about wellbeing goes a very long way.

Powered by science

We really do live and breathe science. Right now, hundreds of Yakult scientists are investigating how L. casei  Shirota and the field of microbiology could be even more helpful to the world. Discover what our scientists are up to!

Our social commitment

It’s no small dream but we want to do all we can to make life that bit better for people and communities around the world!  We’re proud to work with organisations today that align with the principles of our Japanese founder, the scientist Dr Shirota. Here are just a few!

How do we make Yakult?

Our mission is to help create a happier world through bacteria – one little bottle at a time. Since the first little bottle was made, our process has changed somewhat but our purpose has remained the same.