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We’re BIG fans of bacteria.

And we’ve got good reason to be - without bacteria there would be no life on earth. In fact, they were the first living things on the planet – and, with around four billion years under their belts, they’re some of the oldest known life forms. Today, bacteria are one of the world’s most abundant organisms. You’ll find these guys all over - in the air, soil, water, food, your body and, of course, our little bottles.

Get to know bacteria


How did we discover bacteria?

By accident! For millions of years bacteria went about their business completely unseen. Then, in the late 17th century they were ‘discovered’ by Dutch cloth merchant Antonie van Leeuwenhoek after developing a microscope capable of magnifying objects over 200 times.

Fun Sized Facts!

  • If the conditions are right, some bacteria can reproduce every 20 minutes
  • In just one night a single bacterium could produce one billion new bacteria
  • We have at least as many bacterial cells as we do human cells
  • There are more bacteria in your large intestines than there are humans on this planet
  • A teaspoon of soil contains more than 100 million live bacteria


More fun facts!

Friendly cow in a green field

Did you know?

If weighed, the bacteria in an acre of farmland would be as heavy as two cows.

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