Women's Gut Guide


It's That Time Of The Month!

The menstrual cycle can really shake up your gut health due to changing hormone levels, especially oestrogen and progesterone. These changes can affect how often you go to the bathroom and the consistency of your stool, causing different tummy troubles throughout the cycle. So, embrace the quirks of menstruation and know that your gut is just along for the monthly adventure!

Women's Cycle Explained


The Science Behind It

Sex hormone receptors located in gastrointestinal cells respond to fluctuating hormone levels, affecting gut function and symptoms. Oestrogen and progesterone impact movement of food through the body and play a role in how easily unwanted substances pass through the gut barrier, potentially causing different gut symptoms during phases of the menstrual cycle.

Dr Naomi Potter's Tips

  • Diverse Diet: try adding tins of mixed beans to warming curries, Bolognese and soups. Little additions here and there can help boost the different types of food we eat and in turn make our guts happier.
  • Quality Sleep: Sleep is important for gut health as it is linked to increased gut bacteria and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Manage Stress: manage stress levels by practicing in mindfulness practices.
  • Track Gut Symptoms: keep track and understand your personal cyclical changes and how it impacts your gut.

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