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Yakult Science

Think digestion is a mysteryNope it's a sciance

Gut & Digestion Information

Slices of fruit

There's a lot more to your digestive system than you may think. It’s a complex set of organs that work in beautiful harmony to process the food you eat.

Gut Bacteria Science


Your body is home to 100 trillion bacteria, most of which live in your digestive system. In fact, your intestines contain over 1kg of bacteria.

Our Science

Our science

Yakult has a long heritage and an amazing amount of science behind its iconic little bottle, and this has always been at the core of the Yakult company.

World of Bacteria


Without bacteria, there would be no life on earth: simple as that. Bacteria are one of the world’s most abundant organisms, found in soil, water, food, air... and of course, the human body.

Science Hacks & Bites


Science plays an important role in our everyday lives, find out how you can use science to help your make life easier in our hacks. Plus read the latest science news and facts!

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