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This year we're on a mission to get Britain in the pool!

Yakult and Double Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer Jazz Carlin have kicked-off 2018 with a New Year Challenge #SwimWithJazz to find non-swimmers willing to take the plunge and to teach them to swim in just 4 weeks. Find out here what happened!

Also, for those of you who would like to improve in the pool watch Jazz’s swim bites to help you perfect your swimming techniques.

Training Begins

Challenge Day

Swim Bite – Master Tumble Turns

Swim Bite – Perfect Your Freestyle Technique

Swim Bite – Advice on Freestyle breathing

Swim Bite – Practice Stroke Balance

Inspired to learn to swim?

We want to help people take that first plunge into the pool and improve skills in the water here are a few useful links to get you started.

Turner Swim helped coach Yakult participants to learn to swim and offer one to one sessions in the London area.

Swim school in West wales.

Swim school in South Coast UK.

Better Swim schools offer lessons nationwide in the UK.

Swim school in northwest London.

Ireland Swim school.

Aqua mobile offer swimming lessons for adults in Scotland.

To find out more about taking the next steps and helping others visit the Royal Lifesaving Society UK.

Get tips and advice, including a downloadable app to help you set goals from Swim England.

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