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Our guide to the summer solstice

Summer’s just around the corner and with it, the summer solstice. The day of the year when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the earth receives the longest day of sunlight. So, what are you going to with it? Whether you choose to celebrate it or just get the most out of the extra bit of light, our guide has something perfect that’ll get you out in the sun and feeling great.

1. Visit Stonehenge - Nothing quite says ‘summer solstice’ like Stonehenge. Maybe it’s time to get back in touch with the Englishmen of old and experience the sunrise at one of the UK’s most famous landmarks.
2. Stay Outside - Whether you’re adding a morning walk to your day or sitting on a park bench after work to read a good book - it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re outside. Vitamin D comes straight from the sun which keeps us happy and healthy - and today’s the day when you can get as much as possible!

Summer solstice.jpg
3.Yoga in Times Square - Every year New York city celebrates the solstice by enjoying an all day, free yoga class in the middle of Times Square. Now, we’re not saying you should jump on the next flight to the States but the event is live streamed all around the world. It’s a great opportunity to get out in the sun, to get your body moving and to feel a part of something.


4.Solstice BBQ Celebration - With all the extra daylight hours, what more of a reason could you need for a BBQ with friends and family. After all, hanging out with friends has been shown to reduce stress and increase general happiness. 

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5.Tasmanian Nude Swim - That’s right, to mark the end of the Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania, people will skinny dip in the Derwent river. You may not find yourself in Tasmania this June, but a fresh dip can do wonders for you, so give it a try!



Summer science bites

Take a look at our fun facts and cool tips to make your summer go with a breeze! 

Do dogs sweat?
It is often believed that dogs don't sweat, in fact they sweat through their paws.  So, if you see a trail of wet pawprints left behind on the floor, it's a sign the dog is overheating.


To pee or not to pee, that is the question!
Should you pee on a jellyfish sting or is it an old wives tale?  It is, in fact a myth, peeing on a sting could make things worse!  Try rinsing the affected area in sea water then seek medical attention.

Who doesn't love cheese?
We've got bacteria to thank for our favourite savoury bite.  The reason we have so many types is down to the different bacteria used during the creation process.

cheese SS_670400803.jpg
Say no to sandy toes
Struggling to remove sand from your feet when you head off the beach?  Try our handy tip, simply sprinkle talcum powder over feet and toes and rub gently, the powder absorbs excess moisture and the sand easily wipes away.

Get packing!
Get your suitcase ready for your summer holiday by leaving some crumpled newpaper inside for a few days.  The porous structure of the paper will remove any remaining odours from previous travels.


We're 'ex-static' about this
​Scientists have been trying to find a way to capture the electrical current produced by bacteria through their metabolism for years but,  have struggled to produce efficient results. That’s changing as science moves forward and the potential for harnessing this energy becomes more real. Maybe one day we’ll all be driving bacteria powered cars!



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Yakult is not responsible for the content of any external sites. Links to external sites are not intended to imply that the respective site owners endorse Yakult.

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