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"Every day, dedicate
30 minutes
solely to yourself."

A burst of adrenaline every now and again can be exciting. But too much stress isn't healthy - it can upset our natural balance. So try these top tips.

Yakult's Favourite Science-y Films 

Looking after your emotional wellbeing can be as simple as finding the time to watch a great movie. Here's our top 7 films featuring scientists:

  • Honey, I shrunk the kids
  • Flubber
  • Back to the future
  • Weird Science
  • Jurassic Park
  • The Nutty Professor 
  • Bicentennial Man

Haiku Time

It’s important to pause and reflect for a moment every day.  Writing a haiku can be a creative outlet for this and a boost to your mental wellbeing. Pay close attention to the everyday moments. Can you come up with a Haiku about your day?

F1 (2).jpg

Dream Journal 

Unlock a side to yourself that you often forget about: your dreams! Keeping a dream journal is not only fun but can be an insight into your inner feelings. Keep it up to date, and you’ll create an ever-evolving network of meaningful connections.

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Dear Future Me

Looking back at who you were even 2 years ago can be an amazing experience. So why not plan ahead to have a chin-wag with your future self by writing a letter to read in 2 years time? It can be about anything… remember to be kind!

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Pass Down A Family Recipe

A lot of time on your hands? Why not take the opportunity to pass down a family recipe. What’ll yours be? 

Yakult_SM_1080X1080px_CREAM BOTTLE_family_receipe.jpg

Sing Your Favourite Song

Here’s a tip we can all get behind. Start your morning routine by belting your favourite song! It’ll help give you an uplifting and energised boost to tackle whatever the day brings.

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