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How bright is your morning? Answer these quick questions to find out.

About you Sunshine

  • Are you male or female?
  • Do you regularly drink Yakult?

Brighter food Oranges

  • Is there time in your morning to prepare a healthy breakfast?
  • Does your breakfast feel varied?
  • Do you feel hungry before lunchtime?

Brighter body Footprints

  • Are your energy levels high in the morning?
  • Do you currently feel you do enough exercise?
  • Do you feel like you get a healthy dose of fresh air in the morning?

Brighter mind Glasses

  • When you wake up do you feel fresh and clear headed?
  • Do you get easily stressed when put under pressure?
  • Do you feel charged and ready for the day?
25% 50% 75% 100%
About you Brighter food Brighter body Brighter mind

Mind, body and breakfast.

There are three main factors that can change an average morning into a great morning - a focused mind, an active body and enough energy to get you to lunchtime.

About You

Yakult loves breakfast

Breakfast wakes you up, keeps you going and gives you a chance to stock up on the daily nutrients and essential wholegrain fibre that keep your body healthy.

Brighter Food

Bounce out of bed with a little more sunshine.

The best way to wake up is with a burst of fresh air. Whether you’re walking the dog, pounding the streets or saluting the sun in the back garden. A few minutes of activity could make all the difference to your day.

Brighter Body

The best days start with a good morning.

It’s true. An active mind can improve your concentration, your focus and your overall sense of wellbeing. Start your morning right and you could find you achieve much more as the day goes on.

Brighter Mind

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