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take some time out

Have 5 minutes of 'me' time. Think about what you would like to do in the day to come. Make a plan for how you will fit it into your busy schedule - and make sure you do it.

brighten up your day

Don't worry if it's a grey day. Wear a brightly coloured scarf, coat, shirt or top and you will cheer not just yourself up, but everyone around you. Think of sunshine in a jar.

good news story

Read the newspaper in bed. Pick out one story which makes you feel good. Share it with the people you meet throughout the day and capture the delight of keeping up to date with current affairs.

story of my life

Think about who you would like to play you in a film about your life. Try to act and talk like them as you prepare and eat breakfast. If you are brave enough, share the idea with your friends.


Smile at people as you pass them on your way to work. It's amazing how many people will smile back at you. Smiling is infectious and soon you'll be receiving many smiles back.

a word a day

Think of an uplifting word and make sure you use it throughout the day. It's highly likely that by the end of the day, those around you will be using it too. A fun and friendly thing to share.

soothing sounds

Be gentle with yourself in the morning. Instead of choosing a loud grating alarm tone, use one which gives you gentle morning sounds of the birds or of the sea. Enjoy the sounds. 

take a few moments

Set your alarm 5 minutes early and take those first few moments of the day to imagine how you will stay relaxed throughout the day. Think of an image which takes you back to a happy place - and plan to remember it throughout the day.

refresh your senses

Refresh your senses by waking up extra early and going for a peaceful sunrise walk. Walking is an easy way to improve health both physically and mentally. Walking is also great when on holiday in the countryside and by the sea. If you've got a bike, why not ride!


try an audio book

Listen to an audio book on the way to work.

get planning

Keep stress at bay - organise your day! Get a diary and plan out work tasks, social appointments and financial comittments, so you feel more in control. Plan the key tasks of your day to eliminate last minute panics!

puzzle it out

Tackle the crossword or puzzle in your daily newspaper, problem solving has been found to be help with cognitive stimulation.

sing out loud

Sing out loud to your favourite song in your morning shower! It will help you feel energised and uplifted.

get outdoors

Book Outside

If weather permits, eat your breakfast outdoors.

think positive

Begin your day on a positive and productive note - avoiding television, computers and mobile phones.

learn something new

Use your morning commute to read a book or newspapers to keep your brain active. Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information, and you never know when it might come in handy. The more knowledge you have, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenge you'll ever face.

what are you grateful for?

Before rising think of three things you are grateful for. This practice gives your mind a positive focus and helps you see opportunities throughout the day where others may see problems. It also helps to put you in a good mood!

plan for tomorrow

Do whatever needs doing the night before and enjoy a relaxed start to your day.!


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