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"Start your day with a little scientific discovery"

Follow that taxi!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Science not Magic taxis.  There are 30 taxis in and around the London area each one has a tiny tip inside to help your day run a little smoother.

snm taxi2.jpg 

Movies the Japanese Way

Also, something else to keep a look out for, we are sponsoring the Japan Foundation, Touring Film Programme which brings to venues across the UK the best of Japanese filmmaking.  Visit for more information.


Introducing our new AI Vending Machine!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Artificial Intelligence Vending Machine!  If you would like it to visit your workplace, contact us at  See it in action here!

Vending mc.jpg   

Follow us

Visit our YouTube and Facebook pages.

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Food Network

We are delighted to be sponsoring daytime on the Food Network. Not only will you be able to watch your favourite food shows but you'll be able to learn some Japanese words too!

food network arigato.jpg

Tips for a brighter mornings

Feeling a little sluggish in the dark winter mornings?  See our top tips, from singing in the shower to waking up your little grey brain cells, they'll help get your day off to a positive start!


Science Hacks and Bites

See Hacks and Bites and find out more about the role science plays in our everyday lives!

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Yakult Social Pioneers

Our Yakult Ladies system has been running for over 50 years!  Find out more about our unique programme and watch Yakult Lady Yukie's journey in our video.  

Yakult_Lady Yukie.jpg

  • Science not magic! 30" TVC


  • Science not magic! 15s TVC

    Science not magic! 15" TVC


  • Science not magic! 10" TVC


  • Making Yakult


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