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"Start your day with a little scientific discovery"

Science Bite

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How do cold temperatures affect our gut bacteria?
According to a study, exposure to cold temperatures alters the composition of the bacteria in the gut improving glucose metabolism and the reduction of the body weight. So enjoy outdoor activities in winter time! 

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Science Hack

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Not only are walnuts a brilliant source of omega-3 and other essential vitamins, but this magical little nut can rejuvenate wood too!.  Just rub the nut over scratches and scrapes, as the nut oil penetrates the wood, scratches should simply fade.  Before starting, check the wood’s grain and finish as this hack won’t work on all surfaces. 


New Year New Challenge

Thank you to all those who entered the Swim with Jazz competition, we were overwhelmed with the response!  Jazz Carlin chose the lucky winners who took part in this once in a life time opportunity.  Take a look at our contestants progress and pick up some hints and tips from Jazz to help improve your swimming technique.   

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See what we're up to!

We will be visiting the following shows this year, why not come along and meet our friendly team and find out about everything Yakult?

  • Ideal Home Show Spring - 20th-22nd April - RDS Dublin
  • Grand Designs Live - 5th- 13th May - Excel Centre, London
  • Eat & Drink Festival - 31st May-3 June - SEC Glasgow
  • Taste of Dublin - 14th-17th June - Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
  • BBC Good Food Show Summer - 14th-17th June - NEC, Birmingham
  • Japan Matsuri Day - (date to be confirmed) - London
  • Grand Designs Live - 10th-14th October - NEC, Birmingham
  • BBC Good Food Show Winter - 29th November-2nd December - NEC, Birmingham
  • Science not magic! 30" TVC


  • Science not magic! 15s TVC

    Science not magic! 15" TVC


  • Science not magic! 10" TVC


  • Making Yakult


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