Women's Gut Guide

A balanced gut can positively impact your health, from hormone regulation to immune support. We’ve created an easy guide to break down the science behind women’s health and partnered with Dr Naomi Potter, aka The Menopause Doctor, to share her expert advice.

Host a BBQ this Summer

Gather your friends and family for the ultimate al fresco lunch—it’s barbecue season! Discover our top gut-friendly BBQ tips to elevate your summer cookout and enjoy a healthy, delicious grilling experience.

Travelling this Summer?

Summer holidays are fantastic for your wellbeing. From exploring new places to swimming in the sea and soaking up some vitamin D, a break can do wonders for your mind and body. However, it’s easy to forget about your gut health while you’re away. To help you have a gut-friendly summer holiday wherever your travels take you, follow our quick and easy tips!

New Makeover

We haven’t changed a drop of our tasty drink. Yakult Balance is exactly the same as Yakult Light! It’s still the same great taste with friendly bacteria, less sugar, fewer calories and added vitamin D⁠.

woman driking a bottle of Yakult
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Our little bottles are packed with friendly bacteria, ready to increase the bacteria in your gut

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Yakult Balance

Yakult Balance contains vitamin D to support your immunity and bone & muscle too

Yakult Plus
Yakult Plus

Yakult Plus is rich with vitamin C – your immunity's BFF and helps lower fatigue