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Keep going ... don't give up!

Having trouble keeping your New Year's resolutions, try our simple strategies to help you stay on track.


  • Don't set yourself to fail - pick achievable goals ones you have strong motivation to succeed in. 
  • Make your resolutions a habit – incorporate your goals into a change of lifestyle.
  • Visibility – write your goals down, leave them as reminders in places you see daily.
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  • Share your goals with others - enlist the help of a “buddy”, support from friends and colleagues is essential.
  • Break your goals into groups of mini targets  - achieving smaller bite-size targets will give you motivation as you move towards your final end goal. 
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  • Measure your progress – mark your success on a calendar or place a coin in a pot for each day that is achieved.
  • Don’t feel pressure to set goals in January, February is also a great time to start.
  • And remember, if you fall off the proverbial bike; get straight back on it!

Make every step a positive one!

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