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"Over 80 years of scientific experience."

Who knew what we are capable of!

Our body is a complex machine, highly engineered and is capable of amazing things.

It would seem that Rapunzel was onto something…

A scientifically accurate fairytale (for once). Did you know, a full head of hair can hold up to 12 tonnes? 1 

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New me, new me, new me!
On average we shed our skin over 500 times in our lifetime.2

Are our bodies faster than a cheetahs?
Amazingly, the answer to this question is yes!  Information can zoom through our nerves at over 134 mph beating cheetahs whose top speed averages at about 70 mph! 3

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Our bodies are amazing!

This may come as a surprise to new parents!
Some babies don't shed their first tear until they are at least one month old as their tear ducts are still developing.  This won't stop them from screaming though!4

Did you know this?
Women have a heightened sense of smell and see more colours! 5

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Life is short, especially for our taste buds!
The average life span of a taste bud is around 10 days, and each taste bud has between 10 and 50 sensory cells. 6

Planning on breaking up with someone?
It'll be easier on the moon.  In space your tears collect into balls in your eyes and can't travel down your face due to gravity. 7

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