Eat Well

Eat Well Tips

Try New Fruit and Vegetables

Eating the rainbow doesn’t just look pretty – diversifying your diet supports your gut and overall health too. Where you can, eat your fruits and veggies raw and leave the skin on for some extra fibre. Frozen veggies and dried fruits count too – as do juices (but remember, juice only ever counts as one portion no matter how much you have). Eating foods from a variety of sources even helps the beneficial bacteria in your gut to thrive. So, go on – mix up your 5-a-day with something different.

Stay Hydrated

Keep the H2O flowing. Drinking water does more than quench your thirst – it’s essential to keep your body functioning and feeling healthy. Nearly all of your major systems depend on water to survive. Staying hydrated can do so much for your body – from helping your gut flush out waste and preventing constipation, to keeping oral bacteria moving and your mouth fresh. However you decide to stay healthy this summer, definitely stay hydrated and aim for around 2 litres of water a day!

Take Your Time

It’s not just what you eat – but how you eat. Eating slowly and chewing your food well releases enzymes which kick-start digestion, and hormones which will reduce your appetite. It also means your food reaches your stomach ready to be digested. Otherwise, stomach enzymes and acid have to work harder to break things down – sometimes causing bloating and heartburn.

Be Good to Your Bacteria

There are bacteria living in your digestive systems working away to keep your gut healthy, and being an all-around good friend to your immune system. You can help these beneficial bacteria multiply by eating for example, prebiotic foods. Prebiotic carbohydrates occur in the Allium group of plants (that’s things like onions, garlic and leeks), in asparagus and artichokes and, to a lesser extent, in beans, pulses and some cereals like oats.

Variety is key