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Japanese Meat Patties 'Tsukune'

Dig into these Japanese meat patties packed with flavour with our quick and easy recipe! 

Method (serves 4)

  • Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with your hands until sticky. 
  • Divide into 12 balls and shame them into rounded oval patties. 
  • Dust with katakuri flour.
  • Heat the oil in a non-sticky frying pan over a medium heat.
  • Cook the patties 3 minutes on each side, checking they are cooked thoroughly.
  • Reduce the heat. 
  • Pour the sauce mixture into the pan and caramelise with the meat. 


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• 300g minced pork
• 4 shitake mushrooms 
• 1 tbs miso
• 1 tbs mirin 
• 1 tbs sake 
• 1 tbs soy sauce 
• 1 tsp sugar 
• 1tsp grated ginger
• ¼ cup Panko (Japanese breadcrumb) 
• 1 medium egg (beaten) 
• Oil for cooking 
• Katakuri flour for dusting 

For Sauce 
• 2 tbs mirin
• 2 tbs soy sauce 
• 1tbs sake

Yuki's Tip 

  • Try using a different type of meat: chicken or turkey.
  • Use cornflour as an alternative to katakuri flour. 

Recipe created by Yuki Gomi in conjuction with Yakult 

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