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"Start your day with a little scientific discovery"

Science Week Ireland

Yakult is excited to be supporting two events as part of Science Week Ireland. ‘Art in Mind’ will explore  the positive impact that art can have on our beautiful minds.  Partnering with the National Gallery of Ireland and Highlanes Gallery Drogheda, ‘Art in Mind’ will place science right at the heart of two of Ireland’s most renowned visual arts spaces.  Both of these events will highlight the connections between science and art, and will give audiences a deeper appreciation of the value of creativity on our minds. 
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Spookie Mummies

See how to make out spooktacular Halloween mummies!  

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Use your Yakult bottles (plus a bit of glue, string and a ping pong ball) to make spooky little mini mummies!


Run the Solar System returns

Yakult is proud to support the British Science Assocation's relaunch of its Run the Solar System virtual race app.  This fitness app invites runners anywhere in the world to take part in a virtual race, wherever and whenever they like.  Narrated by broadcaster and space enthusiast Dallas Campbell, this immersive tour of the solar system has been scaled down to a 10K journey and includes clips for the NASA archives.    See here for more information or to sign-up for a race that's out of this world!


Yakult boldly going ...

Yakult and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will start an experimental project in 2017 to examine how bacteria work on human health in outer space. Crew members of the International Space Station will consume capsules of Lactobacillus casei Shirota, Yakult’s unique bacteria that is found in their fermented milk drinks.

Yakult has developed a technology to freeze-dry their live bacteria and keep them in capsules at ordinary temperatures for as long as nine months. Capsules containing the bacteria will be carried on a U.S. unmanned vehicle to the ISS. In outer space, bacteria levels in the body are believed to change; this is seen as a challenge which needs to be researched for extended future space travel.


Science Hack

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How to keep bananas fresher longer - wrap cling film or foil around the stalks of each banana. Like most fruits bananas naturally produce ethylene gas which controls the ripening of not only itself but other fruits in its vicinity.  By wrapping the crown, or individual stalks the ripening process is slowed down thus keeping your fruit fresher for longer.

Science Bite

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Putting Bacteria into fashion
- With advances in microbiology, scientists are utilising the beneficial functions of certain microbes to develop textiles and fashion.   Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed 'living clothes' made from a bacteria called Bacillus substilis natto.  These bacteria react with the body’s heat and sweat causing ventilation zones to open and close as the body temperature rises and falls allowing sweat to evaporate during exercise. See here to find out more.

Jazz Carlin

Yakult UK are proud to support double Olympic silver medalist Jazz Carlin.  
Find out more about Jazz at
Yakult has long been associated with the sport of swimming, having supported the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) swimming championships each year from 2005 to the present day. When founding the Yakult company, the scientist Dr Shirota pledged to support cultural, educational and sporting organisations within his local area – and beyond – and this is something which continues to this day.  

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See what we're up to!

Why not come and meet out friendly team and find out about everything Yakult? - see us at one of these future events!

  • 50 Plus Expo - 20th-22nd October - RDS, Dublin
  • BBC Good Food Show Winter - 30th November-3rd December - NEC, Birmingham
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    Science not magic! 15" TVC


  • Science not magic! 10" TVC


  • Making Yakult


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